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Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions

Most frequently asked questions about Cachet and insurance in general

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Cachet Cash: Simplifying the management of your fundsHow do Cachet Cash and refunds work?
What happens when I offer ride-hailing services with regular traffic- or casco insurance?Do you need special ride-hailing insurance when driving Bolt, Uber etc?
How to file a claim in the Cachet app?Filing a claim is easy with Cachet – just a few clicks on your Cachet app and the claim is forwarded to the insurance company immediately.
How to change personal information in your Cachet profile?What to do if my personal information has changed?
What to do if the monthly payment has failed or I have received a new card?
When exactly does the ride-hailing taxi insurance rate apply?How to evaluate your approximate weekly ride-hailing hours?
How to change or cancel my insurance policy?
How to add photos to my CASCO policy?In order to finalize your Casco Insurance you need to provide photos of the vehicle.
What is the maximum vehicle age that can be covered on Cachet platform?There is a limit to the vehicle age that can be covered on Cachet platform
What if I drive more or less, than I've bought into my insurance policy?How can I change the amount of hours I've bought into the policy?
Do I need to register my car as a taxi if I want to buy ride-hailing insurance?What permits do I need?
Do I need extra coverage if I have ride-hailing insurance?Overview of coverages from Cachet platform
How does Cachet work?starting with Cachet
Why can’t I provide ride-hailing services under my standard motor insurance?
How does Cachet differ from a traditional insurance company?
In which countries can I use Cachet and when do you start?
Do I have to pay for my Cachet account?
Which insurance company policies Cachet mediates?
Does Cachet issue a green card?
The Green Card - What is it?
What does user-based insurance mean?
What conditions do I need to meet to be eligible for insurance for ride-hailing drivers?