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How to file a claim in the Cachet app?
How to file a claim in the Cachet app?

Filing a claim is easy with Cachet – just a few clicks on your Cachet app and the claim is forwarded to the insurance company immediately.

Updated over a week ago

We've created the quickest and most convenient way to file a claim, so you don't have to worry about paperwork after a stressful situation. This is a complete and legal claim form, in addition to which you do not need to fill in or sign more claim forms!

From your Cachet desktop, select the vehicle that was part of the accident and then select "Claims" and "File claim" for traffic or casco insurance from the menu.

You will find a claim form that you can fill out after the accident, adding all the necessary details.

1. Date and time of the accident

2. Party (or parties) of the accident and their contact details

3. Location of the accident on the map

4. Description of events.

In addition, you can submit documents or pictures if needed!

We have added the possibility to mark the location of the accident on the map using the GPS solution. This is especially important if the accident took place on the road because then you do not have to start looking for an address!

Please describe the incident as accurately as possible in your own words. Describe exactly what happened, where and when. The more thorough, the better!

We will forward it immediately to the insurer, who will contact you ASAP!

However, we hope that you will drive safely and that there is no need to file a Claim. Ever!



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