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How to change or cancel my insurance policy?
How to change or cancel my insurance policy?
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How to make an application to modify/cancel your policy?

Applying for this is very simple. Log in to with your account and click on “more info” that is written under your car number.

Find the policy from your dashboard and click the “modify policy” button.

  • Fill in the form according to your situation.

The rest is already on us! ;)

Modifying an insurance policy

How can I modify my traffic insurance at Cachet?

Since we don’t have the possibility to cancel your traffic policy entirely we can change the specifics of your product only when you go through the modify flow and pick the more suitable product.

Ride-hailers, for example, can change their driving hours by modifying the policy by choosing the right hours and paying for the new policy before the change can be made. This is how we can make the changes for you with the insurance providers! :)

Cancelling an insurance policy

On what conditions can you cancel the traffic (mtpl) insurance policy?

Client has the right to give up on the insurance contract with sound reason. Cancelling your policy before the end date is allowed by Estonian laws in the following instances:

  • Vehicle has been removed from the owner’s possession without their consent

  • Vehicle has been damaged beyond repair or it cannot be used for technical reasons for more than one month; the contract, under which the policy owner was using the vehicle, expires or is terminated

Read more about traffic insurance laws:

Will the insurance policy be cancelled when the car is sold / changes owners?

Yes, but insurance companies are only allowed by law to cancel the policy upon the current owners request. If you are about to sell your car then make sure you make a request to cancel your insurance policy before the car changes owners.

If the car already has a new owner, it is only possible to cancel the insurance policy with the new owner’s written request.

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