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Cachet Cash: Simplifying the management of your funds
Cachet Cash: Simplifying the management of your funds

How do Cachet Cash and refunds work?

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In February 2022 we happily announced the release of Cachet Cash on our platform. Our program simplifies the billing process whilst using an easy-to-understand bonus feature.

One digital wallet for everything

Whether you have a credit from a prepayment or a cash reward from one of our bonus campaigns, all the funds are in one simple location. The Cachet Cash Account is a central place for you to manage any new and/or existing policies with any payments or to collect your bonuses.

Q: How does making payments with Cachet Cash work?

Whenever you are buying a new service or product there is an option to use your available Cachet Cash before another payment method. Just make sure you opt it in!

With your existing products it’s even simpler! Our billing system will automatically check for available Cachet Cash and prefer it to other methods.

Q: Is Cachet Cash withdrawable?

Yes, in many cases you can withdraw from the wallet. Any credits due to refunds, such as early cancellation of services, is free to withdraw at any time.

Bonuses awarded during campaigns however are, in most instances, non-refundable.

Q: How do I withdraw available funds?

Policy owners are welcome to email with the following information:

- Your Full Name

- Policy Number

- Bank Account Number

Please note – This service is only available to the initial clients and the requester must match the policy owner information.

Q: How can I earn Cachet Cash?

Great question! We regularly have campaigns running for existing and new clients of Cachet. You can see the latest offers here.

We hope this clears everything you need to know about Cachet Cash, do not hesitate to ask more via chat or support email!

Drive safe,

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