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Adding Bolt insurance key
Adding Bolt insurance key

Guide to add BOLT insurance key to Cachet platform

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In order to provide You usage-based insurance, we need to receive Your real-time driving data from Bolt, please add your car insurance key to our platform. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to do this.

What if I don't currently have the Bolt insurance Key?

If you are just starting out on the Bolt platform, You currently don't have an insurance key. You will receive the Bolt insurance Key if your Bolt driver account has been activated. However, this requires that your car already has valid taxi insurance.

In such case, when purchasing a policy, please choose other ride-hailing platforms than Bolt, which you plan to use. Do not check the Bolt box. Even if you do not intend to provide the service on other platforms, please choose one of them so that you can buy a policy. This does not change the insurance price. Once the policy has been purchased, you can also activate the Bolt driver's account and then add the Bolt insurance key to your Cachet desktop:

Get insurance key from Bolt Driver app

1. Open Your Bolt Driver application

2. Navigate to settings

3. Open Your active car

4. Copy the "Car insurance key"

Insert your Bolt insurance key to Cachet platform

1. Log in to Cachet platform

2. Navigate to your Vehicles and click on your vehicle

3. Select - Integrations

3. Hit "Add integration" for the car You want to integrate with

4. Paste the "Bolt insurance key" You got from Bolt application and hit "Confirm"

5. Make sure the Bolt integration status is now "ACTIVE"

Now you’re all good to drive! 🚖

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